Java Bonds


Date Posted: November 21st, 2017, 1:06 pm

Author Notes



This comic is such a blessing and I admire you Yaa, for this is something to be proud of. The text in this single page has got me visualising his actions, leaving just enough mystery to have me wondering and eagerly awaiting the next page. Thank you for this beautiful comic.
i am just so very in love with your art. you can just feel every emotion so strongly just by looking at it. i can feel his anxiety in my stomach just based on how you put it all together and i just think that’s amazing.
The visuals are just wonderful. I love the way you create the concepts to show emotions here. Amazing job.
I just love that you can watch him "progress" as he runs away, because he puts his coat on, so on some level his body is reacting to the cold, but his brain can't handle everything, so he loses a glove. Somehow, it's more powerful to me that he kept the coat than if he had just ditched everything.
That imagery is simply astounding.