Java Bonds


Date Posted: November 13th, 2017, 5:00 pm

Author Notes


I just came here for tapas and everybody's just like he don fucked up and i'm just here like wheres the hope for him
He did it wrong. Okay. But how should he know that there were feelings developing there from the other side? He feels so bad for what he has done, but especially because he doesn't understand why he is acting like that.
It’s not about feelings between them
Shocked. Thanks for anwsering Yaa, this gave me a total new perspective of the situation.
I think that the problem here is the way Henry treated Carter. He didn't care about him. If they had liked each other from the beginning, Carter's cousin wouldn't have cared this much about the matter. We know Carter suffered abuse and he is eager to have sex whenever he is anxious, and I feel like that's why his cousin cares so much about him finding a caring partner.
@Moon: d=(´▽`)=b
Aw how cute *u*
so... basically he just called the other guy prostitute (or so) as an excuse for fucking him?!? he cant applogize and leave... or what... jesus what an ass
@szevisch: you're doing the "interpret words" thing harder than him XDDDDDD'