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Date Posted: October 23rd, 2017, 5:55 am

Author Notes


I absolutely hate him, here and on Crushed. He is such broken, selfish and self absorbed manchild. I hope char development catches up with him one day.
@Aurelia: If you don't like Crush why are you reading the books? I don't mean to be rude but the first book is based on crush and this one now involves him
Well. I love Crush. He is not perfect in any way, but he is a good person. He has gone through a lot and he kept all that inside for a long time, he is learning to love himself step by step, little by little and he is algo learning to let that others take care of him.

Is he a role model? Well, he probably isn't. But he does try his best.
I read it because Yaa's art is beautiful, and I like other chars, specially Reuben and Henry, both are mature and self aware, trying to solve things instead of acting like a child. Crush is a manchild who lies and cheat,and deserves absolutely no one until he can mature into solving his own problems instead of treating people like toys.